White is my favorite crayon

Well, perhaps it’s not always my favorite colour, but it has had a frequent presence in my food life these days. Last night’s dinner: potato, noodles, sour cream and beans. Straight out of a 1950s film, mmm. It was in stark contrast to my roommates’ dinner of avocado, cranberry, walnut salad and pumpkin-veg stew. I tried to eat at the Caribbean Church food bank this morning. While the internet said their hours were 9-12, they were only open for lunch. I quickly returned home to have a bowl of of cheerios and homogenized milk. A new conclusion: cheerios are not filling, at least not without a banana or nuts. Today at work has been sort of tough. Lots of yummy free food in the office that I am supposed to refuse, as I have continued to do. There was a fruit covered danish staring at me for the good part of a day. But persevere I shall, bean me up, scotty!

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1 Response to White is my favorite crayon

  1. michael flatt says:

    I had those 50’s meals, they seemed better, but there was no support out there, at least we are moving foward, lets keep it up. isn’t having willpower great. sometimes we all have to walk in somebody else’s shoes, don’t we. In business checking out your company by walking in a client’s shoes is crucial to success.

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