Internal happiness

There are several gifts of a wired reality, some of which include instant access to ideas, people, events and information. Constant communication is also highly practical. Wasted time is virtually eliminated because we all have an extra grasp on time and space. But my favorite of the wired reality is its creation of internal happiness, not to be confused with eternal happiness. The concept of internal happiness, in some ways, could be quite controversial, but let me first explain. What I am referring to are the text messages that make you laugh or emails that lead to smiles, youtube videos that bring you to another world. While traditionally those experiences happened in the comfort of one’s home, they are now possible at any given moment. Just a few minutes ago the stranger beside me in the cafe burst into laughter and her internal happiness actually made me smile too. Critics may say, people should be encouraged to share those moments with others, and not to depend on tech tools for laughter, but hey, this is what we have to work with, why not enjoy.

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1 Response to Internal happiness

  1. michael flatt says:

    wouldn’t it be cool, if we played forward moments of joy to those around us. would make life a lot more pleasant. like the dinosaurs late for noah’s ark in the first senior moment. thanks rhonda and jackie.

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