The Fear of Success

It’s a well known concept that failing can be less than fun, but few take the time to realize that success can also have it’s challenges. What happens after the goal that you have worked for is finally achieved? Once the success has sunk in it can be challenging to transition into a new frame of mind or take hold of new opportunities. Moreover, it can be disillusioning to even consider all of the new paths that exist: Choosing which way to go is more difficult than getting there. I often think of those in my demographic. Individuals that have completed their undergraduate and masters degrees only to be more confused than before. The success and glow of achievement becomes an impediment, as it sets an expectation for what should happen next.

This is by no means a damper to the beauty of achievement, but for almost everything in life there comes a price. What is important to recognize is that those who perhaps “should not” be at a point of internal crisis, are often faced with complex fears of how to move forward. In my experiences the best way to progress is to start moving…. shaking, dancing or even twirling. To make ideas tangible and articulate concerns, thoughts and aspirations for what could, should or may be. Forget all conventions or the perceived construct of future, and take time to dive inside. Self discovery is an active process. Even Alice had to take a few risks.

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1 Response to The Fear of Success

  1. Bonnie Flatt says:

    Jo, you always inspire me with how you look at the world. At all stages in our life we question what next? It is in the act of being and doing that we learn and grow. So dance, twirl, explore, listen to your heart, do whatever works to explore and discover because without that, life goes stale and you miss out on possibilities.

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