Taking Eastern Canada, by bicycle

After much anticipation, it is finally here. Following almost year of various process, prototypes and preguntas (questions in spanish) – I will bicycle from Toronto, to what my grade-7 self thought to be the safest place on earth, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

My partner in crime – Talia Leszcz, and together, we will take on Canada’s roads. Seeking out conversations of the unexpected, with people we would never have otherwise met. What will we learn? No one can be certain. But it is clear that we are searching for something, maybe the best way to cook up roadkill or the secrets of photographing birds. We’ll keep you posted AND if there are any questions that you cant seem to answer or that you just want to ask the masses, then let us know! Maybe Bart in Port Hope can solve your latest quandary. There ain’t no harm in trying!

Happy pedaling!

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2 Responses to Taking Eastern Canada, by bicycle

  1. Hayley says:

    Holla back girl! Keep your helmet strapped tight and your spirit open to the world! Wish I were cycling too!!

  2. Hayley says:

    Oh my word, Bart and Judith sound amazing! Lovely posts. Keep us thinking with your thoughtful peddling. YOU GO GALS!

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