Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

These were the words of Gail, one-half of the couple we met outside the ice cream store in Bath, Ontario. About the only thing that was open, the perfect energy source before our late night blitz to Kingston. Their parting words,

“If you learn anything from this trip, it’s that if anyone ever says ‘no’ to you, you can just say fuck-off!”

Thanks, Mitch.

One of the most beautiful parts of our ride is that we are always along the water. We spend countless  hours each day looking out at Canada’s waterways, it’s amazing! As bikers, we also consume about 8 bottles of water each day. Which means refill stops about every hour or two. The irony is, that despite being constantly flanked by water, we have found countless communities and towns with no easy access to potable water. We often approach restaurants or public spaces in search of water and receive a plastic bottle in exchange! But all we want is a tap! This problem really hit us when we were crossing the ferry at Glenora, near Picton, Ontario. We were unable to find drinkable water on either side of the ferry and when we asked the ferry control man what the scoop on water was, he responded,

“No one wants to be accountable for their water!”

“What does that mean?” We called after him as he turned a corner into the ferry control room.

No response.

At this point it was obvious, we must get to the root of this problem, especially as we continue to bike from water basin to water basin. So, we’ve set forth into action.  Thursday we will visit the St. Lawrence River Institute to get some knowledge on the subject. We are going to scrounge book stores for some Maude Barlow and see what other answers we can find as we take on our investigative turn. If you have any insights, please let us know!

Until then, take pride in your water, so that others can in the future.

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7 Responses to Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

  1. paul says:

    sounds great Jo – so jealous of your adventure – i’ve biked to Picton so i can relate to the port hope experience. the council of canadians, as you likely already know, have many water campaigns — i was just reading about them….maybe your readers would like to know more – or bring this thing down to the local level.

    awesome possum,

    • Jo Flatt says:

      Awesome, Paul! Thanks for the info. The Council of Canadians is chaired by Maude Barlow herself.

      I am sure you can relate:) All the best!

  2. Jackie says:

    Wow, I love your comments, thoughts and feelings. By biking you really do get to feel and experience everything around you. Talking about water. While traveling in Italy besides consuming lots of wine they only served us bottled water. Fizzy or still. No such thing as tap water.
    Enjoy. Ride safe we love you.

  3. Peter says:

    Great work guys!

  4. Hayley says:

    Oh my word, Bart and Judith sound amazing! Lovely posts. Keep us thinking with your thoughtful peddling. YOU GO GALS!

  5. michael flatt says:

    We so take for granted our source of water. Excited you are looking to get to the bottom of this phenomena. Go jo, go.

  6. Bonnie Flatt says:

    Interesting comments about water. I think of the commercial for Brita where they showed what we do to our environment when consuming water from bottles instead of filling up at the tap. Can’t wait to hear what you find out. And the ride sounds fantastic. I am so amazed that you have the energy to post such insightful and easy to read blogs. You go girl! We love you.

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