Meet the Team!

So by now you are probably wondering about the bike trip deets – the down low on bicycle living and the flow of day-to-day.

Talia is our mystic mapper. Her septor, an iPhone. Her secret weapon, Brian Hedney, our guide from the heavens, a man whose blog has directed us along trails of the best variety, revealing Canada’s waterfront gems from Toronto and eastward.

And myself, the optimistic operator. I have a handle on bike repair, environmental issues and pace setting. In my finest moments, our bike rides become real time spin classes.

Our accomplices on this mission, Bessy and KT. Without these fine ladies, we couldn’t get very far. Bessy,  is a revamped road bike hand-me-down, with some sassy streamers. KT, a touring-extraordinaire, with turquoise handle bars a rose coloured wheels.

Other notable additions:

Lakota, the aboriginal solution to all possible muscle pain.

Spork, by which we spread our PB sandwiches and mash our bean concoctions.

Leaking lube, it’s viscous presence permeating our food bag.

As for our routine, we average biking about 100km a day. What seemed to be alot, at first, has over time, become surprisingly manageable. Not to mention, the route from Toronto to Montreal is virtually flat, so we’ve been able to kill it, big time. New Brunswick, however, is going to be a little more vertical.

As for food, we pride ourselves in trying the local fare. Perch rolls in Cornwall, Black River maple smoked cheddar with Pinot Noir in Prince Edward County, campfire cream ice cream in Bloomfield, French toast and baked beans in St Agathe, and Boreal in Montreal. And of course the local produce from farm stands and Farmers Markets across the country. The proof is in the pudding – Canada does have a lot of good food to be proud of.

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2 Responses to Meet the Team!

  1. Bonnie Flatt says:

    Way to go Jo and Talia! We are so proud of you and I am learning so much from your blog Jo. Keep it up. Love you Bonnie

  2. Hayley says:

    Wish I was there! Ahhhhh! Sounds wonderful 🙂

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