Bienvenue au Quebec!

We made it! We crossed a provincial border and found ourselves in the land of casse-croute (snack bars), national pride, and vertical ascents (otherwise known as hills). Bikers across the country have raved about Quebecs Rue-Verte, a bicycle freeway covering the entire province, so we were pretty pumped to see what it had to offer. While I hate to complain about any bike route, seeing as they are often far and few between in major cities, Quebecs routes have this funny tendency of taking bikers along quiet scenic roadways and then suddenly, and unexpectedly, spitting them out into oncoming traffic or busy intersections. Needless to say, the Rue Verte requires alert riders.

Quebec has been a great culinary experience and full of love, generosity and even relaxation. The Bassels, Sambergs, and Browns spoiled us rotten from the minute we stepped pedal in Montreal. Our bike ride 3 days later was all the more difficult as a result. Marco Taucer, a past bike trip partner, made our day when he showed up in Montreal, awaiting our late night arrival in the city. Talia and I had biked a lot – perhaps a little too much – to get to Montreal, so it was pretty awesome to rest once we finally arrived. We spent a day frolicking in Montreal, with trips to some of our undergrad favs – Elses, Biftek, Pate au Four and a new discovery, ABC cycles, where we invested in some new gadgets to make the ride all the more smooth. We spent a night up at Casa Bassel, a beautiful country home by the water and returned to the city in time for late night mediteranean with the Sambergs.

The next morn we hit the road for Trois Rivieres, but that story will have to come next post.

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  1. Where’s the next post? Can’t wait!

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