The currency of gratitude

Well, for those that have been following the trip, you are probably wondering why my blogging suddenly stopped and whether we were stuck somewhere between hither and yon. So, which version would you like? I could tell you that we were scooped up by martians in search of the world’s finest specimens, but that would be a bit of a stretch.In truth, we suffered a wee accident that sent us back Westward, to heal a broken collar bone… it was quite “unfortch” as I like to say, but not without its shining moments. Our accident brought us in to the fortune of Quebec’s kindest souls, willing to open their hearts and their homes to 2 non-French speaking lasses in dire straits. There are really no words to capture the kindness that we experienced in those sad moments, when we realized that our trip had truly come to an end. So, instead of retelling the tale, I will impart but a realization – the urban plague of ‘self’ clouds the brightest side of humanity. In English? When living in a city it is easy to forget just how great people are – humans are in fact a rockin’ species! And we are this way because at our inner most, we want to help, love and care for each other, if not for altruism, simply because we recognize the potential of our own peril.

So thank you Guy and Anne (and the rest of our bike tripping friends) without you, my smile would not be quite as bright.

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