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Thank you, Lake Ontario!

Enwave heat exchanger

Check it out, it’s a heat exchanger!!

It’s hard to believe we have a Deep Lake Water Cooling system right here in our very own city! Daniel took us on a great tour to see the inner workings of the John Street Pumping station. In these heat exchangers, water is flowing from Lake Ontario alongside water from the City – only separated by special plates. Without ever touching, heat is transferred – cooling water that will then be pumped through buildings in Toronto’s downtown core.





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Site Visit of Deep Lake Water Cooling System

As much as Torontonians like to give our city a hard time, it has some pretty neat things going on…

Toronto boasts one of North America’s largest district energy systems, which uses a Deep Lake Water Cooling System sourced from Lake Ontario to air condition buildings throughout the downtown core.  Deep lake cooling is way more energy efficient than conventional air conditioning – reducing energy usage by nearly 75%!

For an inside peek on how this epic model of sustainable energy production works, come check out the next Civic Salon happening Tuesday, February 10th at 6:30pm at Enwave Energy Corporation’s John Street Pumping Station.

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A Look at Regent Park’s Thriving Community

On a chilly November evening (windchill factor of -18!) Barry Thomas, Operating Unit Manager at Regent Park, led us on a site visit of Regent Park and told us stories of the transformation that the community has experienced. The site visit captured the new developments of the PaintBox Bistro, Daniels Spectrum and epic indoor pool as well as the community driven initiatives like the beautiful basement mosque, homework support centre and the Wali’s grocery store that’s brought safety and food access to local residents. Regent Park illustrates the amazing power of community. But don’t take our word for it, go have a look for yourself.

A detailed description of the tour was featured on Spacing.ca. Click here to read all about it! 


Barry telling us about the Daniels Spectrum and the vision behind the project.

Our visit inside the Regent  Park grocer. Wali telling us about its evolution and influence on the community.

Our visit inside the Regent Park grocer. Wali telling us about its evolution and influence on the community.

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An inside glance at Regent Park

Toronto is full of so many amazing stories of transformation and growth. Change is never easy, but with some good practices of community engagement and bringing the right stakeholders to the table – there are opportunities to create beautiful things.

At our next site visit, we are going on a tour of Regent Park a special neighbourhood in Toronto. It is also Canada’s largest social housing project. We are fortunate to have the guidance and stories of Barry Thomas, Regent Park’s Operating Unit Manager.  So come on out! We’ll be taking our site visit on Tuesday, November 18th at 630pm. 

For meeting details and sign up, click here!

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