Addressing violence in South Asia

Silence, song or solidarity? What can we do to address challenges of sexual violence and abuse?

This upcoming Salon is unique. The goal of our next dialogue will be to create solutions and lend resources to support a group of feminists in two Toronto nonprofits. These front-line workers, community organizers and entrepreneurs in Toronto are looking to support women, children and queers of South Asian descent to heal from the trauma of sexual assault and domestic violence. Specifically they are interested in working with feminists and front-line workers in India to create safe spaces and accessible healing strategies for victims of violent crime.

Who are we speaking with? The Civic Salon has partnered with the South Asians Women Centre and Multilingual Community Interpreter Services (MCIS) to support an initiative that will help South Asian women, children and members of the LGBTQ community find the strength to deal with trauma of sexual violence and abuse. But first, they need our help.

Male, female or in between?  We don’t care—we just want your brainsWe are looking to talk, share, brainstorm, and craft ideas as part of an international fight to end the epidemic of domestic abuse and violence.

In true Civic Salon style, this is a participatory event and will be both educational and a space for critical thought. (There will also be a brief presentation to share some of the important facts related to the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault).

Questions to ask in advance: How do we support women, children, trans people and queers- specifically those that suffer the trauma of gendered violence – to seek help and speak out against domestic violence and sexual assault? What experiences have you had at home or abroad that can lend insight or tools? What resources, articles and people can you share and connect to build this project?

You DON’T have to have knowledge about South Asia or sexual health to attend, but you DO have to bring critical thought and an open mind. It’s your ideas, questions and experiences that will help this inspirational team to bridge these two worlds and make a positive impact.

Come out and talk. Listen. Learn. All experience levels and ALL genders welcome. 


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