Baby Boomers vs Gen Y

Date: Tuesday, June 5th at 7pm

Location: Trinity Bellwoods Park (In the NW corner, South of Dundas and East of Shaw, where the Farmer’s Market usually meets) If it’s raining, head to 455 Queen Street W Apt 302. Emergency # 416 303 0478.

The boomers had it all. They graduated university with virtually zero debt, hundreds of job prospects, opportunities for upwards mobility and investment. Fast forward 30 years and it’s a much different story. More Generation Yers are completing post secondary degrees but their advanced education no longer translates into opportunities. This is the time when contract work is the norm, when unpaid internship are not only acceptable but extremely competitive, and the idea of a pension or long term stability is nothing more than a mirage. To top it off, we’re being told to tighten belts, cut the gravy train—robust social services and “low” tuitions are a thing of the past- we need to do more with less…oh and by the way we need to figure out how to pay for that whole health care business as boomers continue to age. While the boomers thrived and benefited from the welfare state, Gen Yers are called “entitled” for wanting to preserve it in the age of austerity. This salon will explore the current state of affairs and consider whether and how we, the disgruntled gen Yers, can challenge this new norm.

(Thank you, Tiff Blair, for that wonderful summary!)

For those wanting to read more..

“The Plight of Young Workers” TD Economics

“We had it all, and still do. It’s worth the guilt” Globe and Mail, Margaret Wente

“Boomers, we’ll pay for your retirement, but we wont be happy about it” Globe and Mail, Dakshana Bascarmurty

 “2012 vs 1984: Young adults really do have it harder” Globe and Mail, Rob Carrick

“The Jobless Young Find their Voice” The NY Times, Hannah Seligson

“Young adults have a right to be up in arms” The Globe and Mail, Rob Carrick

“Generations Apart” BBC iPlayer (Radio)

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