Five Torontonians in a house on Hamilton Street are gearing up to welcome a baby into the world.

These five folks have committed to supporting the mom-to-be. The collaborative birthing experience has raised a lot of questions…How to choose between a hospital birth or a home-birth? A midwife or doctor?  What are the risks and trends associated with home and hospital births? What is the history of these types of deliveries? How to make decisions in those moments of stress – drugs or no drugs?

Anyone who was once expelled from the womb is welcome! This is not just for the ladies.

In celebration of the awesome-power-of-the-uterus, this Salon will be a movie screening. 

Let Ricky Lake be our guide ….come and watch “The Business of Being Born” Followed by a thoughtful discussion.

Both booze and baby friendly drinks are welcome. Fetus shaped cookies and your wild birth stories are graciously encouraged.

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