Critical Cats: 

Mika Gang, Caitlin Colson, Emily Van Halem, Hayley Lapalme, Jo Flatt & Nick Potovszky

It sure ain’t easy to devise the perfect vision for the future of Ontario’s food and nutrition,  but we rusted and tussled, and came up with some good ideas. These are some areas that we thought should be considered as part of Ontario’s plan going forward.

  • The role of government and the economy in creating a sustainable food system
  • Accessibility  – everyone must be accounted for
  • The relationship between the health of the food system and the health of the people. How is FOOD making people healthier?
  • Diverse ecology – mimicking natural ecosystems
  • What does health & well being really mean? Human health, economic health and environmental health are all a part of health

Other ideas that came out of our discussion..

What about the happiness of our farmers? How do we as a society revalue the farmer and the farm labourer? What are the possible incentives so that people want to participate?
What can we do to make people eat responsibly? Both in terms of healthy diets and environmental impacts.

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