Immigration Salon

As members of Canadian society and residents of a city region, most of us have a personal connection to past or present waves of immigration. For many, the transition to life in Canada presents a mixed bag of challenge and opportunity. In the upcoming Salons we would  like to focus on the situation of immigrants in the Ontario labour force. For the sake of our Salon, the term immigrant refers to both temporary and permanent status entrants.

To tackle this topic, we will get our hands dirty with the following 2 exercises:

1. Describe the current context: What is today’s experience for immigrants in the labour market? We will share ideas based on the group’s fact base and personal anecdotes to “map” what we understand as the present situation.

2. One small step forward: In smaller groups, we will attempt to envision a teeny step of forward progress. What are the little things (or low hanging fruit) that can be changed to make things just a little bit better?

Below are a list of readings. If you get the chance, try and consider the above questions as you read. But read what you can, don’t worry! Everyone has valid contributions – it is your attendance that will make all the difference.

Immigration Backgrounder (CivicAction)            Resume Experiment (UBC)               Trends in Immigration Policy (Maytree)              Labour Statistics (OCASI)         Temporary Foreign Workers (Globe&M)            Key Barriers for Immigrants (Globe&M)  Implications of Canadian Model (IRPP)              More articles from the IRPP

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