Why is this Salon different from all other Salons.. well, that is because it comes in 2 parts.

Group 1: Laura (Host), Hugo, Jodie, Kate, Nehal, Robin, Phil, Jamie, Negin, Tina, Michael, Gonzalo, Hila, Aliza, Caitlin and Jo

Group 1 met to discuss the situation of immigrants in Ontario’s labour force. As a group, they described the present environment AND strategies to make small improvements. Below are the lovely products of their work. (Click to enlarge)

The goal of describing the present situation is to get a better sense of what is going on. Salon-ites are not supposed to be experts, but they are supposed to be curious. So we spent some time asking questions and learning.

After everyone shared their understanding of the issue (above map), we started to discuss ways of making progress. What small actions can be done right now to make things better? This time the map looked something like this..

And so, with all of these wonderful ideas in mind, we convened another Salon to talk about the same issue. Can an entirely different group of people build on the ideas put out by Group 1?

Group 2: Hallie (host), Sara, Caitlin, Marni, Talia, Handel, Michael, Richard, Oliver, Brent, Wes, Tiff, Jo

Just like Group 1, we started off by sharing our knowledge on the present situation for immigrants in Ontario. This time around it looked something like this..

Next we examined the One Step of Progress map made by Group 1. Using their ideas as a starting point, we worked to refine their suggestions and come up with strategies and solutions to make things better. This is what we came up with… Group 1’s ideas are in green and purple, Group 2’s ideas are in orange, yellow and blue.

Group 1 was also given the chance to leave some thought provoking questions for Group 2. Their big question, “Is the system broken or reasonably ok?” Group 2 concluded that the system is reasonably ok, but that it still needs work. Group 2 was asked to do the same, their big questions were:

What do we want the Toronto region to look like in 50 years? (culturally, geographically, etc.)

What do we think it will look like based on where we are right now?

How do you frame the way that we think about immigration? What are the different perceptions on the issue?

Do you want to step to the plate and answer these questions, build your own maps and expand the ideas of Group 1 & Group 2? We invite you to take part by hosting  your own Salon on immigration.

Send an email to thecivicsalon [a] and we will hook you up. 

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