Rethinking “stuff”

This Salon will talk about changes in the way that we “USE” stuff. A lot of cool innovations are going on around us. Not just crazy technology trends, but objects, services, and new ways to do things that are slowly redefining how we live our lives: Some would say we’re seeing innovations that maintain (or improve) our standard of living and throw ‘traditional’ models on their heads. Is it true?

A couple of examples…. Zipcar is a totally new way to share a vehicle. AirBnB lets you make use of unused space instead of staying in a hotel. Kickstarter lets new ideas get funded without going to a bank.

And that is just the beginning… but are these just ultra-modern versions of the classified ad? Or are we really seeing the development of a new way that the world can work? Let’s try to understand where the evolution has occurred and where it just ain’t happening. Which industries/products/institutions are stuck in the time machine headed backwards? Where else can we see these changes happening in the future?

Mr. Brent Barron will be our fabulous facilitator.

And your assignment, should you choose to accept it:

1. Bring 1 person that has never been to a Salon. Anyone! It can be your great grandfather, your grade 3 teacher or the lady standing beside you in the grocery store helping you decide which yogurt to buy. Diversity of all kinds is greatly encouraged.

2. Bring a thing. Yes, a thing. It can be a thing that you think is smart, innovative and brings good to our lives. Or you can bring a thing that generally sucks and is begging for a full blown makeover.

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