Transportation Salon

The people have spoken, the next Civic Salon will be about transportation in the Greater Toronto Region. Vrooom?

In brief:

Transportation is a dynamic and complex challenge that gets quite a lot of press time. Developing an effective transport system requires municipal, provincial and regional agreement, which can often be hard to come by. The Toronto region is also victim to significant levels of polarization when it comes to transit – car vs. bicycle, urban vs. suburb, subway vs. streetcar, making policy development and implementation particularly challenging.

SO, what should we do? Firstly, lets talk about the vision for the region’s transport system, what goals should it achieve? Bring all your anecdotes and lofty dreams, we want to hear them. Secondly, how do we actually make this happen, what does a good system look like? What tools can be used to achieve our vision?

It’s obvious that things aren’t working and it’s high time our transport system got some new perspectives, so let’s see what WE can come up with.


Brevity is certainly not synonymous with transportation, these are some long readings, but they all have some winner ideas/graphs to make things simple. You do not have to read them all, they are just here for reference. PS for those new to transport, Metrolinx is an agency of the Ontario government, with a mandate to coordinate transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

Let’s envision:                                                   The tools:

The Big Move (Metrolinx)                                Funding the ‘Big Move’ (TO Board of Trade)   Active Transport (Clean Air Prtnrship)         Tools Report (CivicAction)                     Transit Goals (BC Transit)                              Congestion Pricing (Atlantic Cities)          Public transport (Transport Policy)              Parking (Spacing Magazine)

In the Press:

Big Ideas from the recent Toronto Talks Mobility event                                                           A slew of transportation articles (have your pick!)                                                              Steve Munro’s Blog (a serious transportation enthusiast’s records of regional ongoings)

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