Critical Cats:

Adrian, Brent, Hillary, Caitlin, Robin, Oliver, Hayley, Hallie, Aria, Hila, Handel and Jo

The Findings:

This Civic Salon on Transportation was a wide-sweeping discussion on a number of issues and opportunities around mobility in the region. During our conversation, we created a sweet lil’ mind map to outline some of the ‘moving pieces’ affecting regional transportation.

Isn’t she a beaut! (an extra thanks to Mr. Barron for initiating and assembling this one)

The group also raised a number of big questions and bold ideas that you can find listed below. 

  • Rethinking design: Are there ways to think about reducing the need for mobility, by building cities that are both livable and workable? Could more flexible workdays change commute times and reduce congestion?
  • Out of reach: Another issue that was raised was the loftiness of transportation goals. The Big Move, the plan created by Metrolinx in 2008, is a 25-year plan. Is that too long a vision? Does the long-term nature of the plan distance people from the issue itself? How can we set smaller goals to demonstrate incremental success?
  • The power of comparison: Would people in the region be more inclined to increase their investment in transportation if they knew what other countries are spending? Would it be more motivating if people understood where we rank relative to other countries?
  • Politicization: How can this issue be taken out of politics to facilitate genuine progress and long-term solutions, beyond a 4-year interval? What can be done to keep progress on track?
  • Reducing transactions: A lot of the money for transportations is lost in the process of exchange and transaction. Can we build more efficient ways to reduce these leaks and best utilize our financial resources?
  • Information and education: How much does the average person actually know about transportation? Metrolinx, the managing organization for regional transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) is hardly known among local citizens. Does this seem like a problem?

To prove our point, we decided to scope out Youtube in search of  good media on          Metrolinx and its projects. We did find one short video, it had 993 views… suffice to say, it is not a popular choice. Just take a look..

We now pass the torch to you. What do you think of these insights, agree/disagree? Do you have the answers to our questions? Would you like to host your own Salon on transportation (or any other topic?) Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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