The apocalypse..?

We aren’t the first to be talking about it. People in the Victorian era were totally into apocalypse culture. Society has forever been interested in the possibility of ‘end time’s, even before Thomas Malthus predicted that our growing population would kill us all.

So….. is the world actually going to end? Will there be an apocalypse? And if not, is some non-literal apocalypse-type-thing going to happen?

While the dialogue about a possible end to our world is not new, the problems we face today are certainly unique.  But, do we have what it takes to survive? Will we reach a critical mass of technology and wisdom, or be swallowed up by social and environmental collapse? (play doomsday music here) 

We invite you to an open dialogue about theories, fears, hopes, and dreams of societal change – while sitting around a cozy campfire. What do you think the next big shift will be? Apocalypse or rebirth? We want all your creative or crazy ideas!

Chris Mallon will be our fabulous facilitator.

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