Imagine this: A city, whose residents are more than just inhabitants of space and payers of tax, but educators, advocates and students of change, all seeking to share ideas (and even accountability) amongst each other in pursuit of individual and collective benefit.

This, my friends, is the vision that underpins the Civic Salon.

Transport yourself back to 16th century Europe. Salons were intended as gatherings to foster the exchange of ideas. This time around however, we want full blown equality, diversity and controversy, so don’t be shy, everyone is invited. And the topics of discussion? Well that remains to be decided, but we can certainly guarantee that it will be significant and relevant to you.

All the we ask is an open mind, so please check all abusive or abrasive tendencies at the door. We look forward to sharing, comparing, and sea-faring with you.

Wine and snacks are also encouraged to come along.

3 Responses to About

  1. Bonnie Flatt says:

    Jo, you are demonstrating tribal leadership in action! What I am seeing and hearing here is that you are invited people to come and share. To become part of the “we” in our society and to collaborate. I love what you say about checking”all abusive or abrasive tendencies at the door”. That is about gracious collaboration. Love it!

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