Upcoming Site Visit

Often under appreciated and overlooked, waste management is a cornerstone of a sustainable, efficient and healthy city. As Torontonians, most of us can proudly wave our eco-flags and say that we separate our organics from our regular waste. But what actually happens to our organics once they leave the curb? Where does it go? How do they deal with the plastic bags? These mysteries and other related tales will all be answered on The Civic Salon’s site visit to the Disco Road Green Bin Facility.


Date: Thursday, Sept 17th, 2015

Time: 7:00-8:30pm *arriving at the Green Bin Processing Facility at 7pm

Tickets are $5 and available here!

Meeting Spot: 120 Disco Road, Disco Road Green Bin Processing Facility 

When you enter off of Disco Road, follow the driveway to the right, you will pass in front of the digestion tanks. There will be plenty of parking spots on the south and east sides of the tank farm. Lost? Confused? 416 303 0478.

Transportation: We are going to try and arrange rides. Please fill out this survey if you are driving and would like to take passengers or are in need of a ride. We can’t make any promises, but we will do our best to coordinate.

Our Tour Guides: Our tour will be led by Derek Sawyer, Supervisor Organic Processing Operations City of Toronto,  John Baldry, Manager Processing Operations, City of Toronto & Nadine Kerr – Senior Engineer, Acting Manager Processing Operations City of Toronto.

Can’t make this one? Don’t worry. The Civic Salon will be organizing quarterly-ish visits to exciting places just like this. So stay tuned.

7 Responses to Upcoming Site Visit

  1. Anny Chen says:

    Ah, I wish I could go! Next time. Or, if anyone wants to get together to share what people talked about, I’d love to go out for tea/coffee/a drink of your choice. 🙂

  2. other events that night – hope to make it more than a cameo…..

  3. Paul Baines says:

    Ahh. Got held up at work – student centered design – hope to learn more from the links. Thanks.

  4. rebecca says:

    I would love to go to this site visit, but I have my kids with me in the evenings. Would I be allowed in if I brought them? (And managed to keep them under control of course….)

  5. Lavinia Lamenza says:

    I would love to go but my 8-year old son – not so much.Please keep me posted!

  6. Eileen White says:

    I am a happy Hamiltonian who wants to know what time you arrive and where so I can meet up with you

    • Jo Flatt says:

      Here you go!

      9:45 Arrive at Tew’s Falls [1 hr]
      1045 Board Bus for West End Drive (from Tew’s) [40 min]
      1130 Arrive at Sam Lawrence Park (Lookout Point)
      1155 Board Bus for Albion Waterfalls [20 min]
      1215 Arrive for boxed Lunch at Albion Waterfalls [45 min]
      1pm Board bus for Beach [20 min]
      120pm Arrive at the Beach [35 min]
      145pm Drive to Windermere Basin [5 min]
      2pm Arrive at Windermere Basin [30 min]
      230pm Drive to James Street
      *Possible sites: Tim Hortons, Stadium, Ottawa Street, Barton Street
      3pm Downtown Tour & Waterfront & FREE TIME (SoBi bikes!)
      • Guest 1: Glen Norton, Director of Economic Development, City of Hamilton [Gore Park]
      • Guest 2: Graham McNally, architect and responsible for bringing Tactical Urbanism in Hamilton [James and Mulberry]
      • Guest 3: Peter Hopperton, gentrification [James and Barton]
      • Guest 4: Donna Reid, Hamilton Store

      530pm Depart Hamilton

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